Organic Nation Goes on Ultimate Foodie Roadtrip

Organic Nation Trailer from OrganicNation on Vimeo.

Dorothee Royal-Hedinger, managing editor of EarthFirst, is heading off on a cool roadtrip to find out exactly what is "organic" - a term more and more muddled in today's understanding of food.

We'll be exploring such fundamental questions as: What does "organic" mean and how are products certified? What do scientists say about the risks of chemical pesticides and fertilizers on human health? What are the costs of switching to organic production and is it affordable for farmers and consumers? Is organic better than local or vice-versa? Can organic food production feed the nation and is it truly sustainable?

Sounds like a perfect mix of green questioning and food lover's roadtrip heaven. Check out Organic Nation to keep up on what the exploration discovers. The itinerary includes:

May 10th-20th Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
May 22nd - 24th Buffalo, New York
May 25th - 28th San Jose, California
May 29th - 31st San Francisco, California
June 1st-10th TBA

Via EarthFirst
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