Organic Milk Really is Healthier


It's has finally been proven--organic milk really is healthier. Although we have always known this intuitively, researchers have now shown that organic milk has 68% more omega 3 fatty acids. These are the good ones that have been linked to reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. In addition, two British universities have looked at milk from 36 farms over a three year period. It turns out that the omega 3 content went up significantly when cows ate fresh, juicy grass in the great outdoors. Clover adds an extra dose of health, and guess what—organic farm cows graze in fields with more clover. The kind of cow matters too. Lowest levels of omega 3 were in Holsteins—the cows that are bred on mass-production farms. Jersey and Swiss cows look nicer and give more omega 3. The study was sponsored by the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative, but was carried out independently. The scientists are now appealing to the Food Standards Association to reconsider their stance on this issue. :: The Times