Organic Jams and Fruits from Patagonia, Argentina

This one came straight from a friend who just came back from Bariloche.
The company Cuyen (which means 'moon' in mapuche, a local dialect) makes 100% delicious organic natural fruits, jams and chutneys. Established in 1993, they grow Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Elderberries and Blackurrants in the Patagonian lands without fertilisers, herbicides or chemical soil improvers; and process them in its own plant without artificial additives.
"Patagonia's well-earned international reputation as an almost virgin area is the real secret of our range of highly differentiated and hard-to-match products", they assure in their website.
Cuyen products can be found in several supermarkets in Argentina, and also in the United Kingdom and Brazil, through Extreme South and Tradeland Comercio Exterior, respectively. All addresses are on their website, under Where to find us. ::Cuyen