Organic infusions, sugar and sea salt by Tribal Brasil

Brazilian firm Tribal Brasil (with an "s", because of the Portuguese spelling) produces a wide variety of organic yerba mate and tea blends, organic unrefined sugar and pure unrefined sea salt.
The yerba and tea blends are beautifully presented in decorated cans with Brazilian motives that could make perfect gifts for tea and mate lovers, and they have the strangest flavours, such as Carob and Mint, Capitan's Blend (roasted yerba, carob, chickory root and barley) and Hibiscus Lime (dried hibiscus flowers and sun dried lime). They come in 100gr and 340gr cans.The Mascavo sugar is dehydrated and sifted organic grown cane and comes in 500gr decorated cans or 500gr triple layer package.
The sea salt, the manufacturers assure, has eighty four different minerals, in contrast to the only two that regular table salt contains. It's taken directly from the North-eastern Brazilian salt flats and comes packed in a 1kg can or in bulk packages.
The firm exports most of its production all around the world. For interested stores, they also offer a bamboo display. Visit them or download the catalogue. ::Tribal Brasil

Tribal Brasil sea salt.


Bamboo display for stores.