Organic industry 'Down Under' predicts 30% growth

A report has been just released, predicting that over the next 3 years, Australia's organic industry could see a 20-30% in the number of certified organic farms. In 2003, there were over 1,500 such farmers in the country, with 75% saying it was their main income. The ABC Online newsflash also noted that "The Australian organic industry has the largest area of certified organic land in the world..." Thats partly because of ginormous organic cattle stations (ranches) being including, but hey, it's still an impressive figure. Organic produce is ...... is now widely available in most Australian city supermarkets these days. It gone mainstream, no longer fringe. And 'growers markets' are on the increase, as well. Each year a directory is produced, which shows many of each states' organic suppliers and retailers, from ragtrade to restaurants, from beef to body care. It's also online at ::The Organics Directory [by WM]