Organic Hockey Diet Scores Big Goals

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He shoots, he scores! Eat like an organic hockey player and you too may hit the major leagues.

NHL hockey players are going on serious organic-only diets which include quinoa, goji berries, organic steak and wild salmon. What, no beer? The results: look better, feel better and most importantly: score better.

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You may not have heard of him but Gary Roberts is hockey's diet guru. According to Canada's national newspaper, fifteen years ago his career as a player was kaput. Then he re-invented himself through super healthy eating and now he is advising 42 pro-level players on what can and cannot go into their mouth. He is a firm believer in eating organic and whole foods and won't touch anything with a "non-fat" label or any product with more than a half-dozen ingredients

His secret to a super star career: nutrition first, then body maintenance (that includes yoga) and finally, training.

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Gone are the Harvey's hamburgers, all sugar, wheat, soya and all processed foods. Instead players are eating full-fat yogurt, pressed cottage cheese, goat's milk (3.5% MF), organic cream cheese, raw or cured parmigiano, organic steak, natural sausage, organic chicken, wild-caught canned tuna, wild salmon, kale, baby greens (Asian mix, root mix, mache), sprouts (sunflower, pea, arugula), avocado, chickpeas, mung beans, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, brown-rice pasta, salba, chia, hemp, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, coconut and extra-virgin olive oil (and coconut oil. )

Not every one is a believer. Another trainer says that "he's on another planet with this stuff." But the players, both major league and junior league, are hooked: they are adding muscle and nutrition to their game.

If you want to try some of his recipes, they are simple to make and healthy sounding.

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Organic Hockey Diet Scores Big Goals
He shoots, he scores! Eat like an organic hockey player and you too may hit the major leagues.