Organic, Healthy Hospital Food

It's nice to get word of eco-innovations in the health care world. Not long ago we discussed the prospects for lower impact medical clinics. We've filled you in on how paper recycling helps fund medical care in Buenos Aires and let you know that the footwear of choice for many healthcare workers comes PVC-free. Now, we can report that if Duluth's St. Luke's Hospital serves as an example, enduring hospital meals won't seem like salt on the wound, so to speak.

Chef Mark Donavan used to work for California Wine Country restaurants where is was easy to source produce from local growers. But he and St. Luke's co-chef LeeAnn Tomczyk faced a completely different animal in Minnesota. In addition to the climactic difference, they had to contend with a large hospital buying group that dictated food distribution. Eventually they were able to secure waivers to purchase hormone-free milk and local produce.As the first in its region to seek healthy options outside the distribution chain, St. Luke's joins hospitals and schools on the East and West Coasts. With more consumer demand, we should see wide-ranging changes in instutional food sourcing.

More encouraging news can be found at places recommended in past comments on treehugger posts: Hospitals for a Healthy Environment and Health Care Without Harm.

Via Minnesota Public Radio::