Organic Guy Body Care

Decided to do a triptych of bathroom posts - here is the second in the series! The Organic Guy dropped us a line to announce their recent arrival on the scene. And while we haven’t personally tried any of their product, we were impressed with how Tammie and John Polley are going about their business. They make body care stuff, you know, shampoos, soaps, deodorants, moisturisers and the like. But in contrast to the usual chemical laden product pushed onto the market, they have set themselves some high benchmarks to aspire to. No chemical preservatives, such as parabens. No aluminium. No synthetic colour or fragrances. And a heap of other No’s. One of my favourites, being no sodium lauryl sulfate, a common ingredient in shampoo -it’s a big contributor to that nasty scum that lines your bath, yeh, the dreaded ‘bath ring’. Organic Guy doesn’t test their products on little furry critters locked in a lab either, but on themselves. And indeed, but for some ingredients crafted by bees, they don’t use any animal based products. A huge swath of the ingredients are actually certified organic. Links are provided to other sites, so you get up to speed on why you’d want to avoid the chemical cocktail found in mainstream products. Organic Guy’s current packaging is recyclable but they are enthused about moving to a biodegradable, corn based alternative. (We can only hope it is an improvement on the Natureworks option, which is likely to be from genetically modified corn). Anyhow, enough waffle from us. Go have a look yourself, try them out and report back. ::Organic Guy