Organic Grain Whisky by Highland Harvest

Highland Harvest Organic Grain Whisky is a blend of three grain whiskies (highland, island and Speyside) and a highland malt. They are matured together in Scotland for four years. The result is a whisky with a light taste and notes of pine and fruit. According to an article in the Scotsman that came out last year, the process of making organic whisky is different because the organic producers use natural yeast instead of cultivated yeast.This results in a whisky that is sweeter and less harsh. It's probably not going to replace your aged single malt anytime soon but whisky may be the spirit in which the use of organic grains results in the largest taste difference.

The whisky sells for £14.99 from an online retailer based in the U.K.


(Cartoon by Dave Coverly)

:: Via Luxist