Organic Gin: Juniper Green

The makers of Juniper Green claim it is the world's only organic gin. It's made with organic grain, water and a combination of organic botanical herbs sourced from around the world. Juniper Green, which is a London Dry Gin, is distilled at Thames Distillery in London. According to the company, Thames is now the only gin distillery which both distills and bottles gin in London. No chemical fungicides are used to assist in the storage of organic grain resulting in natural microorganisms which aid full and deep fermentation. The botanicals used to make the gin are: organic juniper berries, organic coriander, organic angelica root and organic savory.

Here is a review of Juniper Green by The Guardian:

This is actually rather good. The fact that the grain is organic allows the botanicals to shine through, and despite being only 37.5% it packs a decent punch. For those who like things to be properly done, Juniper Green is one of the few London gins these days to be distilled and bottled in that city. It's even reasonably priced.

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