America's Best Organics Delivers Organic, Local Gift Baskets for Easter, Birthdays, and More

-- The "Love Always" basket with teas and sweets.

Of course, you’re skipping the Marshmallow Peeps and Russell Stover Bunnies this Easter, so when putting together a basket of goodies you might consider an organic collection of foods, snacks and more from America's Best Organics.

Each Easter as a kid, my smart mom passed on traditional baskets wrapped in cellophane with plastic straw and put my chocolates in a vessel I could use again -- a lunch box, a crafts container or tnew bag. I might recommend getting the enticing Chocolate Decadence collection but summer is around the corner and I'm warned you don't want the bars to melt, so opt for another of several thematic packages.

From soaps to nuts, spices to wines, these baskets are designed for occasions from showers to college care packages. Sweets and teas for teetotalers, sensual spa stuff from candles to lotions, baby items for moms-to-be, and a mix of treats for the hikers. You can also custom-create one to suit your taste.

Yes, you can DIY, of course, but America's Best Organics also ships with minimal recycled packaging materials and sends regionally (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, Pacific and Rockies) to reduce its footprint.

- "Hit the Trails" with tarts, bars and bamboo.

On a mission to promote the growth of organic food, agriculture and local economies, it all started in Boulder (where else?). Colorado’s Best Organics grew nationwide, delivering regional products like Hail Merry’s raw macaroons in the Southwest or Aura Cacia bath salts and oils from the Midwest.

In a way, it’s a kind of CSA for packaged goods. Select artisan-made items like ceramic mugs come with some collections, along with Fair Trade Kopali Organic chocolate covered bananas and Runa Amazon Guayusa.

Gluten-free and Vegan Options, Too

Among the companies included in America’s Best Organics are chocolates by Theo, Chocolove and Fearless, BumbleBars and Justin’s Nut Butter, organic personal care from St. Claire’s, Saint Francis, Sum-Bo-Shine and Pangea. Also, Wishgarden Herbs and Bonterra Vineyards organic wines. Discovered at the recent Natural Products Expo, I thought it provided clever one-stop shopping.

For those short on time but not thought, who want an organic alternative to Harry & Davids Tower of Treats, there's a “Love Always” collection for Mom’s Day and for Father's Day, there’s even an “Eco-Dude” box. Until April 15, a 15% discount is possible with the code: Green Spring.

America's Best Organics Delivers Organic, Local Gift Baskets for Easter, Birthdays, and More
Filled with organic, gluten-free, and vegan goods from candy to candles and soaps to nuts, these care packages offer a healthy gift option.

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