Organic Gardening Magazine Revamped for 2010

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At a time when the print media is declining, and where The Ecologist is going online only, one institution of the green-minded magazine rack is planning a big relaunch. And while we don't normally get excited about moves to increase size and the weight of paper stock (more paper equals more impact, it's pretty simple), it is good to see that Organic Gardening Magazine is thriving. It seems that consumers are looking for publications to guide them in simplifying their lives.Starting with the February/March issue, Organic Gardening Magazine, published by rodale Inc., will be revamping both its content and its format to meet a growing demand for sound advice on leading a healthier, greener and simpler life.

Ethne Clarke, Editor-in-Chief, explained the reasons for the revamp: "Organic Gardening began as the prophetic voice of organic horticulture 67 years ago and has been guiding its readers with information and advice ever since. Our message is more relevant now than it has ever been--the organic food and gardening movements and allied industries are both experiencing substantial growth.

People increasingly believe that treading lightly on our environment is a personal responsibility and are 'going green' with gusto. That's why we've seized the opportunity to give the magazine a major makeover, dressing it for its role as the inspirational, confident voice of contemporary organic living so that it will best serve our growing readership as they look for new ways to live lightly from the ground up."

Of course references to 'prophetic voices' are not likely to help those of us battling the notion that environmentalism is a religion, but I'm sure it's just a turn of phrase. Linguistic quibbles aside, the magazine claims to have grown its rate base by as much as 28% since 2007—a huge indication of a public hunger for organic gardening information.

And with the new look magazine covering food and cooking much more in-depth, Organic Gardening is likely to be helping folks reconnect with their food for some time to come. Maybe one day it will do so on a magazine e-reader.

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