Organic Garden Pest Control -- What Works, and What Doesn't?

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If you're using organic methods in your garden (and I'm sure you are!) you've probably heard several different recommendations for getting rid of pests like slugs, aphids, and tomato hornworms. Some of these methods work perfectly, and others are just a waste of time.Mother Earth News recently published an article about organic methods for controlling the top 12 most annoying garden pests (as rated by their readers.) They looked at several control methods for each pest, and surveyed their readers as well as horticultural experts to determine which ones actually work.

Pests covered in the article include:

  1. Slugs

  2. Squash bugs

  3. Aphids

  4. Cabbage worms

  5. Squash vine borers

  6. Japanese beetles

  7. Tomato hornworms

  8. Cutworms

  9. Grasshoppers

  10. Cucumber beetles

  11. Corn earworms

  12. Whitefly

The best part of the article may be the concise list they published of which methods actually work for which pests.

They also talk about things you can do overall in your garden to reduce the likelihood of pest problems, such as providing an environment that is attractive to beneficial insects and attracting birds to your garden.

The article is definitely worth a look. I know I'd much rather spend my gardening time planting and harvesting, rather than trying method after ineffective method of dealing with slugs and cabbage worms.

You can read the entire article online here: Organic Pest Control: What Works and What Doesn't via Mother Earth News.
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