Organic Food Is Healthier For Rats — And Maybe Humans Too

In a recent press release, a group of scientists from Europe have shown that organic food is healthier, for rats. The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UNUT) and the Danish Research Center for Organic Farming (DRCOF) found that by feeding rats only organic food they had a stronger immune systems, slept better, and stored less fat. This study casts doubt on the belief that it’s just the nutrients that count.
“If people think that eating organic food makes them feel better then they are probably right," said Dr Brandt of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, who earlier this month pinpointed the compound in carrots that prevents cancer from developing. Read the full report, published on the website of the Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming. Or check out Dr Brandt's research into the cancer-preventing properties of carrots. :: UNUT or :: DRCOF [by T. McGee]