Organic Food Can Feed the World, Maine College Students


According to researchers at the University of Michigan, organic farms can produce more than enough food to support the world’s population without converting any additional land to crop production.

Cooks David Crooker and Daran Poulin have been sustainably feeding a much smaller population of 1,700 college students at Bowdoin College in Maine for years. They’re profiled, along with Arnold Luce of Luce’s Meats in UCS’s latest installment of Green Cuisine, an ongoing feature that follows food from sustainable farms to the kitchens of leading chefs. Check out Crooker and Poulin’s environmentally-friendly recipe for braised beef and root vegetables with blueberry wine.Right now, the U.S. Senate is debating the mammoth Food and Farm Bill and key provisions could help build a future where everyone has access to such sustainable food choices. Important fixes need to make it into the bill, including amendments to help farmers convert to organic production. Visit UCS’s Action Center to learn more and send a letter to your Senator urging to support healthy, environmentally friendly food choices.

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