Organic Cherry Growers Weather Market Upsets

If you eat cherries, chances are they come from Washington and Western Montana. The Washington cherries ripened late this year, and the Montana crop came early. This has meant a glut in the market, and the largest regional shipping plant isn't accepting Montana cherries. Some farmers will leave tons on the trees (to fall and rot on the ground or make birds happy) because it's less expensive to cut their losses than to pay to have them picked. Such a waste! Organic cherry growers who were banned from the plant because of fruit fly fears are making out just fine, however, with already diversified dissemination chains, and strong local markets.

Not only do we have the issue of people going to bed hungry while food goes to waste. Since we are experiencing the hottest Montana summer in anyone's memory, this could be an example of how global warming will disrupt national and global food distribution. How will we feed ourselves then?:: The Missoulian. Photo, Peggy Greb, at the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

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