Gourmet Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Available Online, Endorsed By The Vegan Zombie

cinnaholic vegan cinnamon rolls photoCinnaholic/Screen capture

"Who delivers vegan cinnamon rolls in the midst of a zombie apocalypse?"

Cinnaholic of Berkeley, CA has been making a name for itself with unique, gourmet vegan cinnamon rolls frosted with delicious-sounding and sometimes outlandish flavors including coffee, maple and root beer. Having checked in to make sure the Vegan Zombie survived his latest brush with the undead, I heard all about this cinnamon-centric bake shop that has apparently won endorsements from movie stars and NBC’s The Feast.

cinnaholic vegan cinnamon rolls photoCinnaholic/Screen capture

Now I'm no vegan, but I am well aware that the world would be better off if we all ate a whole lot less meat and dairy. And between The Vegan Zombie's experiments with vegan chocolate pudding; The Vegan Black Metal Chef's tempura asparagus sushi; and our own Jerry James Stone's week-long vegan meal plan, I am learning that animal-product free food can be every bit as delicious and enticing. Heck, I've even discovered that vegan pizza doesn't suck.

I remain convinced by Matthew's argument that dietary fundamentalism will get us nowhere, and I've yet to be convinced that a truly vegan food system is viable. But if we accept that less meat and less dairy will make the world better, and we accept that celebrating delicious food that is made with love will also make us a happier species, then we have an awful lot of common ground.

Now if anyone want to send me cinnamon rolls too, I'd be happy to send you my address.

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