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Tired of non-toxic cleaning products for your home and office that come at a hefty price? OptionsforLife offers non-toxic cleaning products for the home and office that are available in both ready to use and concentrated formulas. Rated by Green Home as a best green cleaner and Green Seal Certified, these products are safe enough to be around your pets and family without making you feel like you're part of a science experiment.

How are the cleaning products safer? The bathroom cleaners use hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. They also use bio-based surfactants, instead of petroleum-based (such as nonylphenol ethoxylate NPE or alkylphenol ethoxylate APEs), which are banned in almost all western countries except the US. Other things not included: phosphates, ammonia, formaldehyde, or petroleum distillates, among other things. Each of their products are biodegradable.

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To get started, they offer a "cleaner cleaners collection," which includes a kitchen & bathroom cleaner, a multi-surface cleaner, a tub & tile cleaner, and a window & mirror cleaner and retails for just $16.24, but you can also get saver sets of any of their products, which include a spray bottle and a bottle of concentrated solution. If you have a problem area, OptionsforLife probably has a "solution." Everything from dish soap, laundry detergent and fabric softener, hand soap, floor sealer and finish, kitchen & bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, glass & window cleaner, tub & tile cleaner, floor stripper, floor cleaner, and dishwasher detergent. If you are a small business and need dispensing options, they also sell their products in gallon size, as well as offer several dispensing mechanisms. In addition you can earn 12 points towards LEED Certification using OptionsforLife products. :OptionsforLife

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