Ontario May Ban Bisphenol A


We have gone on about gender benders and endocrine disruptors for a while at TreeHugger; Bisphenol A has been a particular bete noir, and we have suggested that it is time to pack in the polycarbonates. Now Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario, is considering banning Bisphenol A in the Province of Ontario. He told a rally organized by Environmental Defence:
"Why is it that at the beginning of the 21st century one in four Ontarians are dying of cancer?" "We need to do a better job of understanding the influence of these chemicals toxins and carcinogens in our environment and our quality of life."

Rick Smith of Environmental Defense said "It's just ridiculous that we have baby bottles sold in this province that have known hormone-disrupting chemical in it." ::Toronto Star


Environmental Defence also notes that even if you are careful at home, this issue is not high on radars yet and if your kid is in daycare Bisphenol A could be everywhere.

"Bisphenol A is a chemical found in many things babies and children use everyday: hard plastic baby bottles and sippy cups, and the linings of tins cans (including cans of baby formula). The chemical is suspected of disrupting hormones, along with other potential harmful health effects.

Babies and children can be exposed to bisphenol A at their daycare centres.

That’s why Environmental Defence is urging daycare centres across Canada to become bisphenol A-free." ::Environmental Defence

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