One Village Envisions a Post-Oil Food System (Video)


Image credit: Transition Forest Row

We've already seen one British village aiming to go 100% solar. And we've seen one British farm trying to plan for agriculture after peak oil. Now here's a neat video about a community that is trying to plan for a post-peak oil food system on the village scale—and they are making significant progress already.

Sure, from Community Supported Agriculture to allotment gardening to land sharing, there's very little new here for seasoned advocates of local food. But it is good to see how Transition groups are connecting the dots—beginning to build a holistic vision of a sustainable, resilient food system.

And given all the talk about food miles simplifying the local food debate recently, this video drives another point home. As Lloyd has argued before, eating locally is at least as much about seasonality as it is location. By eating what grows best when it grows best and where it grows best, we minimize energy used in both production and transportation of our food. And we get to enjoy a more varied diet in the process.

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