One Star, No Tomatoes At Stockholm Organic Leijontornet


A restaurant receiving a single star in the 2008 Guide Michelin Cities of Europe is probably not newsworthy to most TreeHuggers. But at the Stockholm restaurant Leijontornet, combining the fine-dining star of quality from Michelin with an organic food roster and a local purchasing pledge does seem like quite a feat.

To create his new Scandinavian cuisine, Leijontornet's chef Gustav Otterberg is committed to purchasing seasonally within Sweden in addition to organically. To make star-worthy meals in frozen January with those criteria takes master planning. Leijontornet churns its own butter, and preserves and juices as much of summer's bounty such as blueberries and lingonberries, as possible. According to Otterberg, Leijontornet's menu is also purposefully small and adjusted to allow for the variability of local raw ingredients. In the winter that means lots of root vegetables, wild game and "green-listed" seafood, in the summer Swedish berries, in the fall and spring many mushrooms. It also means Otterberg chooses to permanenty do without some ingredients others might consider tomatoes. Via ::DagensNyheter (Swedish)

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