One Author's Take on "The Vegetarian Myth"

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Oh dear, no sooner does the firestorm over The Moneyless Man comparing meat eating to genocide and eugenics die down—not to mention my own musings over why I don't feel bad for eating meat, and yet I still apologize—that I come across a provocative interview with author and former vegan Lierre Keith. Sitting down with Janaia Donaldson of Peak Moment TV, she explains the thinking behind her controversial tome The Vegetarian Myth, arguing that humans evolved to eat meat, and that many of the health problems we see today were non-existant in a pre-agricultural diet. It would have been nice if the interview touched a little more on what Keith's prognosis for feeding an overpopulated world actually is, however. She argues that we have never been herbivores, that a grain-based diet is destroying both our health and our soils, and that our bodies need meat for many essential nutrients. She points out that prior to the invention of agriculture and industrial monoculture the world was covered with abundant forests. Judging from some of the discussion that follows in the comments, it seems her overall argument is for small-scale, sustainable and integrated agriculture and/or permaculture that includes animal husbandry as part of the mix. but it would have been nice to hear some more details.

Still, this looks like another strong voice to watch out for in the ongoing meat/low meat/no meat/vegan debate that seems to be a perpetual reality in the environmental movement.

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