On the Merits of Locally Produced Apples and Apple Juice

Everybody knows that tomatoes and apples are best when grown at home. Johnny Appleseed's kharma ripples ahead through time. That's why these short excerpts from "The Hindu", dealing with accelerating Chinese apple and apple juice exports, are disturbing. Its as if we've been sleepwalking through the produce section. Wakeup time: China is "the world's biggest producer of apples", and "its total output surpasses the combined production of the next ten top producing countries, including India. The U.S. has been relegated to the second position". As further reported in the article... "Barely 15 years after it started planting apple trees, China's exports of apple concentrate to the U.S. increased by 1,200 per cent"..."The U.S. apple industry is crying foul. As usual, it cites lack of social standards and environmental protection among the reasons for stalling further imports"... "Moreover, U.S. producers claim that the Chinese cultivation practices require heavy intake of pesticides and are therefore unhealthy. But the fact that U.S. consumers are not complaining has put a damper on the industry claims".When non-organic US producers are making noises about excess pesticide use on imported fruit, TreeHuggers ought to sit up and take notice.

It's still spring; order a self pollinating dwarf apple tree for your yard or for a friend you can share the crop with. Johnny Appleseed lives.