Om Nom Nom!! Christmas Tree Made Entirely of Bread and Cookies

cookie bread tree photo

It's hard enough for me to pass a bread shop without going in. But it's utterly impossible when I see this in the window. Walking by a bakery in the Castro in San Francisco, I stopped dead in my tracks and stared slack-jawed at this masterpiece: a Christmas tree made ENTIRELY of bread, and decorated with cookies. Oh my. Check out more photos after the jump. Gingerbread house, schmingerbread house. This should be a new holiday tradition. I would love to make a somewhat more eco-friendly tree one holiday, going for something edible and baking my way into a stupor to fashion it. But I doubt it'd last longer than a few days, since I am an admitted bread addict.

cookie bread tree photo

But that doesn't mean I can't spend 15 minutes just staring at this incredible tree. Giant baguettes form the trunk, and beautifully fashioned bready branches hold up ornaments made of all sorts of cookies.

cookie bread tree photo

I imagine it'll be a bit stale by Christmas day, but oh, it'd be great if it could be turned into a year's worth of bread crumbs and croutons after the holiday!

Oh, and if you are more into gingerbread houses than Christmas trees made of bread, be sure to check out this awesome photo round-up of modern-style gingerbread creations.

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