NYC Needs Leadership to Combat Pollution and Waste

Our pals at the fledgling neighborhood eco-group Upper Green Side are making a name for themselves with long, impassioned posts to their blog. The latest is a plea for leadership from the New York City government. noise, air, and water pollution, as well as trash and litter. According to a recent Citizens for NYC poll, covered by the Daily News, noise pollution is the most common quality-of-life complaint in the city, followed closely by litter in the streets. Other common complaints included air pollution in Manhattan, illegal dumping in the Bronx, trash in Brooklyn, and overdevelopment in Queens. UGS calls on the Department of Transportation to reduce noise and improve our notoriously bad air quality by limiting the use of private cars in Manhattan, and on the Department of Sanitation to work with businesses on reducing the amount of trash they generate. (How many businesses know about programs and groups like Materials for the Arts, the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange, New York Wa$teMatch, and the Reuse Alliance? The infrastructure for waste reduction is in place; it's education that's called for now.) Ironically, another common complaint was lack of parking; let's hope lawmakers realize that the solution is reducing vehicle use rather than building yet another parking lot. ::Looking for Leadership on Noise, Pollution, Trash from ::Upper Green Side