Nutiva's HempShake (Organic and Fair Traded)


How's this for a list of ingredients for a chocolate shake? Organic hemp protein, organic Fair Trade Certified chocolate, organic ramon nuts, organic guar gum, inulin from chicory root, organic mesquite pods, organic Fair Trade Certified evaporated cane juice. According to Nutiva, "hemp protein contains 66 percent edestin—easier to digest than soy—and, unlike most soy protein, isn't processed with hexane solvents." And these new shakes are said to be rich in Omega-3s too. In one of the other flavours you'll taste Açai berries and Brazil nuts sourced from the Amazon rain forest. This is apparently America's first Fair Trade Certified organic protein shake. Don't imagine there are a heap of companies in a position to challenge that claim at this time. We've previously noted their hempseed energy bars, organic hemp oil and organic coconut oil. But this one entered our radar via Remy's post on Hugg (he mixes his with pineapple juice - organic, we hope!). Nutiva HempShake.