Nutiva's Organic Hemp Oil

As TreeHuggers, we like hemp just as much as we love bamboo. We’ve featured the Natural Emphasis Fuel Bar and Alpsnack, both made from the one and only hemp seed, and now we’re bringing to you Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Oil. Warren mentioned their snack bar not too long ago, but we thought we’d write about the oil itself, just in case you TreeHuggers want to play around with some recipes. For thousands of years, hemp oil has been used for culinary purposes and is considered to be the #1 nutritional oil for health. Unlike flax seed oil, hemp seed stays fresher, longer. Nutiva’s 100% organic, cold-pressed oil is light green and has a nice light, nutty flavor. Their hemp oil is bottled in small batches and, unlike other companies, they add an induction foil seal to cover the bottle opening which prevents oxygen from seeping into the bottle. Hemp oil should always be used raw and uncooked. We think it’s delicious on salads and steamed veggies and you can also mix it into dips, hummus, pesto, guacamole, shakes and smoothies. ::Nutiva