Nudo Adopt an Olive Tree Offers a Valentine Special

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A "Grovey" Kind of Love
Today's TreeHugger Deal comes to you from Nudo — adopt an olive tree. Aphrodite, who knew a thing or two about lovin', used olive oil as an aphrodisiac. And Cupid carved his bow from olive wood. And now, to oil the wheels of Italian olive love still further, Nudo is making a very special Valentine's offer for TreeHugger readers: adopt an Italian olive tree for a loved one and get a second tree for half the price. Your two olive trees will be nestled next to each other in Nudo's romantic groves in Le Marche, Italy. Heck, they can even get fruity with each other all summer long. That is until Nudo hand-picks the olives, crushes them and sends the olive oil straight to your door.
From now through February 8, 2009, (last day of shipping so your adoption package arrives by Valentine's Day) TreeHugger readers will get a "buy one, get one half price" special through Nudo. Email: to receive your special offer, or feel free to call Nudo for more information. Nudo

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