Now From Ponoko: The Laser Deli And Printed Turkey

laser meat deli

Ponoko just keeps moving from idea to idea, creating a marketplace for CNC designs and recently into 3D printing. But just in time for the holiday season you can now see everything from 3D printed turkey to laser etched ham. You can even get laser-etched meat jerky business cards that are extremely practical:

Should you find that your corporate team building dog sledding exercise through the snowy wilderness has gone awry, DO NOT eat your teammates. Instead consume the delightful laser etched meatcards that you were planning on handing out at that evening's networking soirée. Then you can survive your coworkers until rescue and watch them try to roughly swallow their die cut, foil stamped, cotton bond business cards with handfuls of melted snow.


Ponoko has just solved all of my Chanukah shopping woes with their Matzography line, "is a proprietary process that produces a fine art print that will be treasured by you and your family for generations."

Really. Soon there will not only be 100K garages and a 3D print shop on every main street; there will be a laser deli where we can get our food printed out to order as well, and finish it all off with a shot from the latte printer. What a glorious future! More at Ponoko

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