Not Icky At All; the Happy Pig Farm

eco pig farm spain photo

Image Credit: Ecosalgot

If shrimp can be happy on a farm, why not pigs? For all the weekday vegetarians and omnivores out there, here is a way to obtain sausages, chorizos and bacon in a friendly way. First of all, plenty of indoor and outdoor space keeps the pigs healthy and in a good mood. In the winter, the farm is even heated by biomass from the pigs themselves while the electricity comes from solar panels. On the menu are barley, wheat, peas and olive oil, grown on the same farm. The farm also recycles its water onsite. And best of all, this pig paradise manages to provide quality meat products at a competitive price. The Finca del SaĆ¼c eco-farm in Spain is for people (and pigs), planet and profit.

spanish eco pig farm photo

Image Credit: Ecosalgot

Located in the Montseny National Park north of Barcelona, this eco-farm is not only a paradise for pigs but also a nice place to visit. Guests can not only eat the pigs but also pet them. All of this won the farm plenty of awards, amongst which the 2010 Spanish Food Prize for Agricultural Production by the Spanish Government. I guess now all that's left to do is potty-train the pigs to reduce waste!

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