Nobody Has To Know if You Go Vegetarian; You Can Eat Meat Made From Candy

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Here is an interesting way to go vegetarian; who needs Tofurkey if you can buy meat that is made from nutritious candy. Modern Mechanix scans it for us:

ONE of the most unique candy stores in America is the "Candy Meat Market" which is run by Jim Crowe in the loop, Chicago. Here Mr. Crowe is seen posing for a photo in the midst of his candy meats.

Everything in the store, except the actual fixtures, is made of candy. So well are all the meats imitated that the hams smell of that salty tang that is so familiar to all of us. The summer sausage looks like summer sausage, but it isn't—it's candy. Not only does all the candy represent some form of meat but it is made to please the palate. At first, Chicago people doubted the reality of these confections, but time and taste have taught them that this store sells "quality goods."


This is nothing new to TreeHugger readers, who may remember these Japanese burgers and fries made of cake:

The Mamido burger, for instance, which sells for ¥390 ($3.25 at ¥120 to the dollar), is a highlight of the menu. The "bun" is actually a sponge cake, the "patty" inside is chocolate cream, and the "pickles" are kiwis. The deep-fried fish burger, meanwhile, priced at ¥440 ($3.70), features a banana shaped like a fish fillet in sponge cake. It is topped with "tartar sauce," which is actually fresh cream. And the gratin burger, also at ¥440, is a sandwich with a cream cheese and fruit filling.

The side dishes are equally ingenious. The French fries look like the real thing but are actually custard cream covered in starch powder and deep-fried. The fries, diners are told, are delectable when topped with ketchup. Without exception, every item on the menu is a sweet of some sort.


The point of it all was that sweet shops are for girls in Japan, and men are embarrassed to be seen eating them. So by disguising them as burgers and fries they become manly meaty fast food. Mr. Crowe might do very well today with his sweet shoppe serving closet vegetarians.

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