No More Shiny, Silky Hair in Canada: Shampoo Ingredients Declared Toxic

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Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in Shampoo

Warren Beatty would never make it in Canada today; you just won't be able to get that silky, smooth feeling now that the Canadian government is taking action against D4 and D5, chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

Martin Mittelstaedt writes in the Globe and Mail that Environment Canada and Health Canada deemed typical human exposures are far too low to be a health risk. But it decided to designate the substances as dangerous based on fears they are a threat to wildlife when they get into the environment from the disposal of consumer products and from industrial releases.


Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice, thoughtfully weighing all sides of an issue

Canada has been on a role lately, looking at Bisphenol A and other toxic chemicals and issuing assessments every month. But in November and December there was little information. Environmental activists suggest that Environment Minister Prentice was under pressure from industry. The Globe writes:

"There was some very fierce industry lobbying, the silicone industry was lobbying very hard on these chemicals," said Aaron Freeman, a spokesman for Environmental Defence, an advocacy group.

But the association representing makers of the chemicals, the Virginia-based Silicones Environmental Health and Safety Council of North America, denied that its intervention temporarily halted the government's chemical review process.

::Globe and Mail

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