Newest Green Roof Accessory: Bees

royal york hotel roof garden photo

Bonnie wrote last summer about what one might call the 34 floor diet- the roof garden on the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto where Executive Chef David Garcelon grows herbs and vegetables. Now he has added bees.

"The only other place that's brought bees to such heights is the Paris opera house," Royal York spokeswoman Melanie Coates told Anthony Reinhart of the Globe and Mail. He writes that Chef Garcelon came up with the idea last summer, when he noticed a multitude of bees buzzing around the herbs, vegetables and edible flowers in the raised wooden beds of the hotel's 10-year-old rooftop garden. He evidently has "visions of fresh honey dripping into his salad dressings, soups, pastries and countless other creations." ::Globe and Mail

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