New Yorkers Called on to Eat Local to Support Irene Hurt Farmers


Flooding in Schenectady, north of Albany. Photo: Doug Kerr under a Creative Commons license.

In the last few years, New Yorkers have developed quite a taste for locally farmed fruits and vegetables. Much of the thanks go to the efforts of GrowNYC, the non-profit whose Greenmarket program brings fresh, local produce to the city.

But in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the small-scale farmers in upstate New York who grow that produce are facing devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Irene. So GrowNYC is coming to their aid, with a call for all New Yorkers to eat locally for the rest of September.New York State faces up to $1 billion in damage from Irene, and as New York City escaped much of the damage, the cost will be borne by their upstate neighbors. Donations are welcome as well, and $50 or more gets you a Greenmarket poster illustrated by Claudia Pearson.

So if you're a fan of programs like GrowNYC's Fresh Bodegas and the farmers markets they've set up all over New York, it's time to pitch in. Helping a good cause has never been so delicious!

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