New York Times Goes Gaga over Chuck


An entire section on eating green in the Times, including Farmer, Cookie Maker, Ecologist and, Yes, the Future King

Two hundred years ago Americans were rather rude to the Royal Family; now Alice Waters says "He is, in private, really one of the most forward-thinking, radical humanitarians I have ever talked to." The Times goes on: To Ms. Waters and her troops, no one else of the prince's stature has spoken out on the issues they hold dear: responsible stewardship of the land, preservation of rural life and the need for good food grown without chemicals or worker exploitation.

"Can you think of any American political figure who has spoken eloquently or bravely about these issues?" asked Eric Schlosser, the author of "Fast Food Nation," who has become a friend of the prince.

Ms. Waters agreed. "Al Gore doesn't even talk about food," she said.

Here is the answer for we colonials who are tired of the monarchy. Let's just give him to the Americans.

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