New Study: A Local Whole Foods Diet is Like Mother Like Child

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Being a parent is tough. Even if you're vigilant, feeding finicky kids can be nearly impossible. Even if you serve local, organic, whole foods at home, one birthday party with green icing and your kids scream for more of this addictive drug. Except a new study from the University of Colorado School of Medicine says that what a woman eats during pregnancy determines a child's taste buds. According to a study reported in the Post and Courier, if you're a mother to a finicky child, it could be your fault especially if you submitted to that craving for fried chicken and milk shakes throughout your pregnancy.

According to head researcher Josephine Todrank:

This highlights the importance of eating a healthy diet and refraining from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and nursing. If the mother drinks alcohol, her child may be more attracted to alcohol because the developing fetus 'expects' that whatever comes from the mother must be safe. If she eats healthy food, the child will prefer healthy food.

And according to the study there are far larger implications caused by toning your child's taste buds while still just a fetus. Kids that have an aversion to crucial fruits and vegetables are prone to deficiencies and the diseases that result. The opposite is also true especially for those that overeat unhealthy foods. Kids just can't get enough of them.

According to the story:

Todrank and her associates put one group of mice on a bland diet, and another group on a more flavorful one. Observed during the weaning stage, the pups influenced by the flavorful diet had developed much larger glomeruli than the other group. They shared an identical taste preference with their mothers, while the pups in the bland diet groups showed no preference at all.

Bottom line: If you want your kids and later young adults, to eat a whole foods diet free of processed junk, excessive booze, and high fructose corn syrup, avoid these foods when you're pregnant.

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