New Ratings for Sustainability in Restaurants

leon restaurant photo

Image from momondo

It's not quite a Michelin Star, but it could be soon. The newly formed Sustainable Restaurant Association will rate restaurants according to how green and sustainable they are. Launched with the backing of leading restaurants and seriously important English chefs, participating restaurants will be visited by a green inspector. They had better watch out...

The awards are a bronze, silver or gold status and will be listed in restaurant guides. And they will be judged on very rigorous standards.

sustainable restaurant photo

Image from Sustainable Restaurant Association

Started by the founder of Leon, along with top Michelin chefs Tom Aikens, and Raymond Blanc, the Sustainable Restaurant Association is being launched with the pledge that restaurateurs and customers will have a sustainable and healthy eating experience.

It is introducing a new rating system based on principles such as buying locally, changing menus seasonally, and building relationships with farm producers and suppliers.

Restaurants must pledge to be more sustainable, commit to the values of the organization and carry out at least three new sustainable activities. These cover several different areas: Sourcing (sourcing of food), Society (treatment of staff and relationship to the community) and Environment (waste management, energy efficiency and waste saving).

For customers it means that they know what they are getting in the restaurants where they eat: Fairtrade foods, certified fish, and a good healthy experience. They can become Friends of the SRA, receive news, encourage their local eateries to join and make use of a directory of sustainable restaurants in town. To date there are 28 restaurants on the list. These include Leon, the Duke of Cambridge, and Jamie Oliver's Number 20.