New Loopt Bag from Flip & Tumble: A Really Reusable Bag

loopt flip tumble bag image

Image courtesy of Flip & Tumble
Bringing your own bag to the grocery store/bodega/retailer/wherever is pretty much a must these days—Whole Foods has even stopped giving out bags. And well they should--bringing your own reusable bag or tote is too easy and waste-preventative not to. Flip & Tumble knows this, and they’ve come out with a bag that’s not only uber functional, but stylish to boot.The biggest difference between Flip & Tumble and typical totes or reusable bags comes down to a single factor: size. Flip & Tumble’s bags can be rolled up into a tiny wad that’ll fit anywhere for easy transportation—purse, messenger bag, coat pocket, etc. And that goes for the new Loopt bag, too.

Flip & Tumble make a great product (these bags are definitely TreeHugger approved) that we hope continue to catch on. Totes are nice, but you can’t beat the compact size and mobility of Flip & Tumble. As the company website states, the whole ‘reusable bag’ concept only works if they’re actually being reused. Flip & Tumble goes a long way towards making sure that happens.

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