New Green Chinese Restaurant in Brooklyn is Hormone- and Styrofoam-Free

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Photo: Michael and Ping's

Where but in New York City can you find fresh comforting Chinese food sans Styrofoam, in a restaurant rocking green certified status? Perhaps in one of the many more grub-enlightened cities popping up on the TreeHugger map -- but most certainly in my food obsessed 'hood, Brooklyn.

When the BF and I found this out, we did what any other responsible couple would do. We made a date night and trudged four hot city avenue blocks in a climate changing heat wave to show our love to the place, "revolutionizing the Chinese food take-out experience."...Michael & Ping's.Reduced Energy Consumption, Water Usage and Waste Production
We felt the love when seated and served. In keeping with their efforts to receive green certification from the Green Restaurant Association, it was clear that cooling costs were kept low. Unlike so many other restaurants, the AC sufficed, not blasted.

Refreshing local and organic beer options were spotted on the menu including Southhampton IPA and Peak Summer Session. The fresh food was the major highlight: As they tout on the menu, never "frozen and fried," but always hand-made fresh daily.

We went with the tasty spring rolls, hormone-free sesame chicken and black bean shrimp, and didn't leave anything on our plates to take advantage of their in-house compost program. And we were pleasantly surprised to find they even offer food waste pick-up as part of their food takeout and delivery service.

Additionally, they feature:
--a robust vegetarian menu
--post-consumer recycled take-out packaging
--energy-efficient appliances
--low-flow water spray valves in kitchen

One thing was apparent and clear, this wasn't any conventional Chinese food joint and unconventional me is quite happy to know I can dial up Michael & Ping's in a pinch on those unwilling to cook/craving Asian nights. Score.

And with entree prices that range from $8-$12? Double score.

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