New Food Carbon Emissions Calculator Pinpoints Your Diet's True Footprint

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In the past it's been difficult to dig to the bottom of your diet's carbon footprint. It's difficult to include all the data behind food production and transport in one calculator. While various carbon footprint calculators can give you a vague idea of your diet's footprint, finding very specific information becomes more difficult. Until now. Clean Metrics has released a free tool that you can use to calculate your emissions so that you can pinpoint detailed changes that can positively alter your diet. Clean Metric's new Food Carbon Emissions Calculator allows you to break food down into categories including beans, dairy, fish, shellfish, fruits, grains, meat, poultry, nuts, oils, fats, and vegetables. Input the transport, the weight, and how much waste the product generates. It calculates production emissions from cradle to farmgate, transportation emissions, and waste emissions.

You'll need to know where the foods you eat come from to get started and you can tell quite obviously that local fruits and vegetables come in low on the tool while meat and dairy comes in much higher. When you're calculating fruits and vegetables, there are only a few choices from which to choose but you can still get a good idea based on the distance they travel and the type of packaging, if any, that your produce is packaged in. The tool calculates mostly North American foods which still leaves out the huge variety of foods that we source from across the globe like rice, noodles, nuts, and tea to name just a few. It also only calculates for conventional foods, which means that you're likely lower on the scale if you eat a mostly organic diet. But it's certainly a good start.

At the bottom of the page it breaks your score down into the three emissions categories (Production, Transport, Waste) graphically so you can get a good idea of where you're using the most emissions.

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Clean Metric's new Food Carbon Emissions Calculator

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