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Demeter certified Biodynamic balanced tea, in five refreshing, summer fruit flavors, is the latest offering by Zhena's Gypsy Tea, maker of organic, fair trade and now biodynamic teas. Now, you've heard of green, natural, even herbal teas, but biodynamic? What does that mean and how does it affect your tea experience? Keep reading to find out more.Tea drinkers are already obsessed with flavor and purity of the leaves, so it only makes sense that growers would try to make the most environmentally healthy and flavorful tea leaves possible by kicking it up a notch with biodynamic farming practices. Not only does biodynamic farming provide a higher-quality product as compared with mass-produced food, but it also improves soil quality, keeping it healthy over the long-term. Zhena's Gypsy biodynamic teas are available in the following five fun flavors: Vanilla Blueberry, Kiwi Peach, Mango Ginger, Caramelized Pear, and Black Forest Berry and come in reusable and recyclable, air-tight tins.

All of Zhena's Gypsy teas are 100% organic and 100% fair trade certified, using "ancient tea blending principles." By certifying that all of their teas are fair trade, it means that Zhena can work with a small group of growers and provide them with "healthcare, guaranteed maternity leave, childcare, and literacy programs."

What is Biodynamic?
Biodynamic farms use a closed-loop system where no outside influences (chemicals) are added - and farmers work specifically with what they have on site (cover crops, compost, etc) to improve soil quality. This method utilizes a holistic process for growing plants, which incorporates seasonal changes, as well as a little ritual celebrating the mystery of nature. To be certified biodynamic, the teas must also be certified organic. Demeter USA is the only non-profit, biodynamic certifying agency in the US, where inspectors actually go out and personally visit farms to ensure biodynamic standards.

You can find these biodynamic teas and all Zhena's Gypsy Teas at Whole Foods and other natural health stores. :Zhena's Gypsy Tea
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