Neal Brothers Organic Snack Foods

Sigh...even on vacation we have to keep those posts coming. We love getting up north and living like our ancestors did, with the click click click of the rotary phone dialup modem. We love the slower pace of a three minute wait for a TreeHugger page to load, time to consider each comment and image. We also enjoy sitting on a dock drinking organic wine and munching on Neal Brothers organic snack foods. We started with Neal Brothers pretzels last year because they were baked, transfat and palm oil free and healthier than most other snack foods. After reading Peter Singer we have started looking at everything we eat, and learned about their organic line of tortilla chips, salsas and pretzels, all made with organic grains, sea salt, and "pure expeller pressed canola oil" which starts making good old rapeseed oil sound like exotic extra virgin stuff. No more expensive than high-end potato chips, a lot healthier and very tasty. The Neal Brothers started the business while in University, and "believe in the organic movement for many reasons and most importantly for the positive impact that it has on improving sustainability of our Earth's environment. We also strongly believe in the Fair Trade movement and the positive impact it has on millions of poor farmers around the world." Thanks for letting us stuff our face with chips and not feel guilty. ::Neal Brothers Foods