Nature Girl Beauty Stuff

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Nature Girl's lotions, potions, and scrubs, are made from all natural, organic ingredients cultivated from small, trustworthy organic farms. And all nut, seed, plant, and flower oils are derived via a cold-press process; essential oils are always either organic or "ethically wildcrafted" (we're not sure what that means, but it sounds really good) and are extracted using good clean steam. Never any synthetics. Never tested on animals...Ok--you get the bleeding-heart, eco-point. Let's face it: The Stephen Sprouse-style packaging is hella cool. Heck--it's the holiday season, and no one ever (ever ever!) said we didn't care about looks. So we're going to break right down and say it: This shiz would make a great gift. It's probably no surprise that we're partial to the Eco-Chic and Organic Hipster body scrubs. (Hint, hint.) $32-125 ::Nature Girl [by MO]