Naturally Nora's Homemade Cupcakes Are Fun and Tasty. And They've Got Sprinkles.

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How could we resist sampling the new Naturally Nora cake mix, thanks to a tip from our friends at Daily Candy? Did we mention they have sprinkles? From the guilt-free kitchen of Naturally Nora comes fun in a box with these new cake or cupake mixes that you bake and decorate yourself. Oh and did we mention they have sprinkles? The cake and cupcake mixes use all natural ingredients (no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors). She's even cut out the soy, dairy and made them kosher too. In case you're wondering, she has a comparison of ingredients between her mix and several popular cake mixes - she has a mere 8 ingredients while the others have 15 or more (most if which are hard to pronounce).

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Naturally Nora also has a great page explaining how she, as a small business owner and inventor went through finding products and sampling and testing materials to make a cake that tastes as good as the moist ones you see on store shelves, but that also doesn't sit like a lead brick in your stomach. No one out there makes all-natural sprinkles so she had to get those specially made, but they are worth it in terms of making a fun cake that kids will love and not feel like they are getting the eco-shaft. After many samples, her family finally gave her the final approval and when her kids' friends asked for seconds she knew - 'Bingo' - she was onto something.

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I recently baked and sampled the Naturally Nora 'A Lot'a Dots' cake and while it is not exactly the same as the buttery-fluffy-sinfully-delicious-but-really-bad-for-you standard cakes, but to be honest it's pretty good. You can tell that there is a "good for you" taste to the cupcakes, but when you put frosting on them, it's really hard to turn down cupcakes. Several of the cakes come with "sprinkles" inside the mix as well as a packet of sprinkles you can add to the top of the cake. The sprinkles are not as "brightly" colored as the picture, which was a little bit of a bummer when they came out of the box, but the brown, star sprinkles look really cool. According to Nora herself, the natural colors just are not as bright as artificial colors and it took her a long time to find sprinkles that wouldn't brown during the baking process.

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The cake and batter mixes are really fast and easy to mix up, with just a quick add of butter, milk (or soymilk) and 2 eggs. In about 10 minutes I had both mixes ready to go. The frosting tastes great, and is also easy to mix up. All in all, while they do taste a little "healthy," they also taste great and I'd have a hard time saying no the next time someone offers me a Naturally Nora cupcake.

Currently, you can purchase Naturally Nora products online at or Mybrands and coming to health food stores near you. There are several different flavors, including A Lot'a Dots, Cheerful Chocolate, Cookie Cookie, Sunny Yellow and Surprising Stars. Each mix of cake or frosting batter retails for between $2.99 - $3.99 USD. Oh and by the way, did we mention they have sprinkles? :Naturally Nora
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