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Hot on the heels of our Naturally Nora's Homemade Cake and Cupcake Mixes article comes the announcement that Nora's latest creation is...brownies! That had our minds reeling, especially when she said that 25 lucky people will be able to sample brownies this summer. Want to get your hands on some?Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 6 months you've probably heard of a little thing called Facebook. If you happen to have an account (or if you don't, no sweat you can easily make one), just hop over to Nora's new facebook page and give her a little friendly hi. 25 new friends/lucky winners will be randomly chosen to sample the new brownie mixes.

Naturally Nora's mixes include far fewer ingredients than conventional dessert mixes and they are healthy for you too. Don't worry, she didn't take the fun out of dessert as her mixes come in great flavors and include fun sprinkles, including star sprinkles, to decorate every dessert. Don't have a facebook page or not feeling so lucky? Don't worry, the Naturally Nora's brownie mixes will be available on shelves and online this September. So check out some of our organic desserts tips or go it on your own - slice up some organically grown strawberries, top it off with your favorite soy ice cream and get to baking. :Naturally Nora
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