Naturally Nora Fudgy Brownies are Warm, Delicious, and in a Word, Perfect

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Just got the box of Naturally Nora's Brownie mix, and while I'm eager to try them, I have to admit, I'm a bit apprehensive about whether they will stand up to a dessert lovers' sweet tooth. With both Fantastic Fudgy Brownies and Doubly Fudgy Brownies, I wondered, could Nora do me wrong?I knew the brownie mixes were going to be ready this fall, but I patiently put the thought out of my mind and tried to forget that soon I'd be tasting warm, gooey brownies as I noticed temperatures dropping and leaves turning. What if they aren't good, I wondered? What if they aren't like what a brownie should taste like? Never mind all that, I thought, I'll just let the mix speak for itself.

So, when the box arrived at my house this week, I couldn't wait to whip up a batch of brownies. Now, I grew up in a house where my dad would make brownies on a regular basis and they were nothing short of perfection, so I have a pretty high standard for what a good brownie should taste like and I wasn't going easy on Nora.

The brownies come in two varities, the Fantastic Fudgy Brownies and the Doubly Fudgy Brownies. I decided not to go overboard, and started with just the Fantastic Fudgy Brownies. The ingredients, just like the cakes, are simple and normal and easy to whip up. Baking in the oven, they smelled like brownies and I slowly began to hope that these brownies just might make the grade. Upon inspection, I noticed that the top rose with almost like a thin, crusty layer, but then there was a gap in the middle where the brownie didn't quite fill in. No worries, I thought, just because it's not as attractive doesn't mean it's not good.

Now, when I tried the cake mixes, which though I knew were not poly-highly-toxic, even with the sprinkles, and the frosting, I could still tell that they were good for me and not quite sinful enough. If I need to veg with a pint of ice cream and some warm brownies, I'm gonna need something that will do the trick. Not to worry with these brownies, they were everything I was hoping for. A tad dry, maybe, but then that could have just been baker's error. I let friends sample them and they told me later that they couldn't stop eating them. The brownies were warm, chewy and with a nice, tall glass of (soy) milk, were exactly what I was hoping for.

You can find Naturally Nora's Brownies online on and in a store near you and they usually retail for between $2-3USD per box :Naturally Nora
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