Natural, Gluten-Free Eats from Glutenfreeda Foods

Image courtesy of Glutenfreeda

Good news for anyone restricted to the difficult-to-navigate waters of the gluten-free diet: there's an all-natural food company, Glutenfreeda Foods, who as you may have guessed from their name, specialize food right up your alley.The company was founded by mother-daughter duo Yvonne Gifford and Jessica Hale, after Jessica was diagnosed with Celiac disease, a condition treated by strict adherence to a gluten free diet. They had a sort of a green epiphany when the lack of gluten-free options persuaded them to create a website where they compile thousands of pertinent recipes, and later launched a premade food line.

On Glutenfreeda’s website, you can find a wealth of easily searchable recipes, new culinary innovations for sale (like gluten-free ready to bake cookies and veggie burgers), and articles and tips about living life gluten free. It’s a welcome resource to anyone suffering from Celiac disease.
Celiac disease isn’t rare—1 in 133 Americans are affected, according to Glutenfreeda should be a welcome destination to anyone in search of the finer side of gluten free foods (and hey, Emeril can help, too).

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