Natural Emphasis Fuel Bars

The market is awash with performance sports bar. Many do deliver an extra boost for athletes, but the taste ... well ... often leaves much to be desired! It would seem however that Natural Emphasis, of Toronto, Canada, have pulled off the hat trick of yummy taste, nutritional get-up-and-go and environmental responsibility. For a decade they have been developing their 'Fuel Bar', that has certified organic ingredients, while being free of preservatives, added sugar, gluten and dairy. And if this weren’t enough, they pack them full of hemp seeds. They maintain that 65% of the protein in hemp seeds is a special protein found nowhere else and is key to good digestion and DNA construction. A perfect ‘biofuel’ for propelling the world's most efficient transport - a bicycle. ::Fuel Bar [by WM]Also check out our previous post on Clif Bars