NASCAR Driver Sues Farm. For Noise.

Image credit: Charleston City Paper & Save Ambrose Farm

From switching to local grains to embracing backyard slaughter, locavores can be a committed bunch. So it's no wonder that a group of South Carolina foodies were up in arms when they heard their favorite farm is being sued for noise. The fact that the law suite is being filed by a former NASCAR driver just seems to have gotten them even more riled up. According to the Charleston CIty Paper, former Daytona 500 winner Ernie Irvan and his wife, Kim, are suing local food institution Ambrose Farm for causing dust, noise and disturbing the family's peace.

While there is a certain irony to the situation, we should recognize that just because someone has driven NASCAR in the past doesn't exempt them from complaining about noise, and I don't live in the area, so I'd hate to jump to conclusions about how much dust and noise really is produced by this farm. (Heaven knows that jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in can lead to all kinds of misunderstandings.)

Having said that, Moving next to a farm that has been there for 35 years and then complaining about its operations does not seem like the smartest way to endear yourself with your neighbors. Locals are so upset they've started a Facebook page to save Ambrose Farm, they are collecting money for the family's legal fund, and they are planning a "friendly showing of support" at the courthouse when the trial date is set.

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