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NPR reported this morning that a new group in San Francisco aims to take the work out of growing your own food in your own backyard with MyFarm. San Francisco is not known for having huge backyards, or much sun depending on what side of the city you're on. So how is Trevor Paque, owner of MyFarm, able to keep the greens growing? Well, he and his crew will come and install a garden in your backyard at cost. Then four times a month the crew harvests a box of vegetables and homeowners pay between $25 and $35 a week for the service (probably what some people pay at the farmers market each week). The crews also now operate in Oakland and Berkeley.

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Crew members get around on bike or public transportation and move the food from your backyard to your backdoor. Ensuring that the food you eat is fresh, organic and has probably the smallest carbon footprint possible. For folks who are too busy to garden, or who quite frankly don't know what they are doing, MyFarm takes care of everything. Gardens can be as small as 8'X8' or as large as your entire yard, and if you're neighbors get in on the act you can share your harvest all around. Just keep your pets and neighbors out of your garden, and you're golden. Now all you have to figure out is how to cook all of these new veggies.

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If you're wondering how well something like this might work, well let the numbers do the talking. Pacque put up a notice on Craigslist initially and got 200 responses in 20 minutes. Then just putting up a few flyers in neighbors was the only marketing that he has done. In fact, he's been too busy to do any more marketing. In the last 5 months, he has made over $90,000.

Apartment-dwellers cheer up, MyFarm also offers CSA-style boxes made from produce picked in your neighborhood for just $25-$35 a box, depending on your household size.:MyFarm
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